Final Transmission

A ~15 minute long piece about an astronaut that goes on a journey to see what lies Beyond. Recorded in May 2021.

The Song

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The Video

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Computer, open up a long-range comms channel to Earth, please

[Orienting antenna to anchor Earth]
[Calculating predicted coordinates for anchor Earth… done]
[Antenna aligned and locked to Anchor Earth]
[Preparing frequency bands for long-range transmission… done]
[Calculating estimated time of arrival for transmission… done]
[ETA for transmissions is 8439 years and 241 days]
[Frequency bands ready for broadcast]
[Begin transmission]

My limbs, are cold and heavy
My vision, is a mess of broken lines
My heartbeat, is fading into the static
My breath, is not my own breath at all
Not my own breath at all

My breath, is not my own breath at all
The stars, have, all but one faded
Into the darkness, many thousand years ago
And now the last one's waning, too

Last one waning, too

Computer, status report

[Status report]
[Solar panels… unfeasible]
[Battery Charge… 6% and falling rapidly]
[Main Engine… offline]
[Reaction Control System… offline]
[Navigation Systems... offline]
[Telecommunication Systems… online]
[Sensor Array… online]
[Conclusion: multiple critical failures imminent due to extreme power loss and extensive subsystem damage]
[Systems are expected to fail in T-5 minutes]
[Safe Flight]

Dear listener, please do no be afraid
By the time you hear this, I will surely be dead
Because I am drifting
Out into the void

Cross the Event Horizon
To a strange new world
Filled with many strange creatures
Greeting me with open arms

And I will learn all the secrets
That the living can't know
That we aren't alone here
The not the only ones that think

And now that they seen me
They'll go looking for more

And soon they will find us

[Proximity Alert]
[Multiple unidentified energy signatures detected]
[Distance 9999 kilometers and closing fast]
[ETA: 2 minutes and 0 seconds]
[Error: Power Low]
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