A Rock piece on the Mars Rover Perseverance and the Ingenuity Drone as they run into trouble on the Red Planet.

The Launch

After a long day of toiling across the barren surface of the Red Planet, Percy sends a "diary entry" back to Earth. Finally, it is time for Percy to send a bunch of the collected samples back Home for research and studies. Ground Control clears him on the launch, after having run the calculation again and again. The launch itself proceeds with issues, but suddenly Percy notices that something seems off, full of concern both for himself and for the precious samples that are now on their way through space.
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In Distress

Ground Control has received Percy's emergency transmission, and is working to figure out what exactly went wrong during the launch. They are relieved, that the samples - at least - seem to be well on their way back to Earth. In order to better assess the damage, they request that the Ingenuity Drone go airborne to take some images of the exterior.
Even before receiving Ground Control's response, Percy sends a follow-up message which confirms what the technicians have feared as they received the first telemetric data after the incident: Percy's life-line, his solar panels, were ripped off and destroyed by the rocket as it took off. Already, Percy is starting to feel the effects of the power loss.
Meanwhile, the engineers with Mission Control have run the maths and come to the conclusion that Percy is irrecoverable in his current state, there is no way to repair the damage and sooner or later, his batteries must run dry. Their farewell message includes a heart-felt promise to retrieve Percy and Ginny when Humanity finally sets foot on the Red Planet itself.
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With the last of his power, Percy send one last message to the folks back home.
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01. The Launch

Hi, this is Percy, I'm just checking in
There's so much stuff that I've done today
Like looking at stones and kicking up dust
I was delighting in the warmth of the sun
Feels like it's going to be winter soon

Anyways, I've gone quite a distance
1,800 meters, in half a day
I nearly slipped on a rock, hiding in the rust-coloured dust
But I blew it away with my high-powered laser beam
That was a joke, of course, you never even bothered to give me one
(Yeah, I'm still upset at that)

Oh well, I think I'd better wrap this up
I've finally got the sample that you wanted
And come tomorrow, I should arrive at Launch Site 6
To send you the satchel, Ginny sends her regards, Percy Out.

Perseverance Rover, this is Earth
We read you well, thanks for the message
And we send you our best regards
The calculations have been checked
All the signals are on "Go!"
We'll expect your delivery 35 weeks from now

Earth, this is Percy, something's gone wrong
I'm not exactly sure what's going on
Just a moment ago, when I launched the capsule
Something else went as well
I can feel that something is broken
I just hope the satchel is safe on its way... home

02. In Distress

Perseverance Rover, this is Earth
Message received, we're looking into it
But your shipment's on its way to us
Trajectory is looking good
Seems like the launch was successful
Please get Ginny to take some pictures of you from above

This is Percy, I know what's gone wrong
The booster rocket took my solar panels off
My aluminium skin's feeling so cold
I think I am experiencing power loss
Do not now, how long I have left
I really hoped I could have seen my home... again

Dearest Percy, here is Earth
We have some bad news
There's nothing we can do
Your batteries will be drained within the hour
This will be our last communiqué
The next one won't reach you in time
But you two should know just how proud we are
You are paving the way for our
Journey to join you on Mars
Your names will never be forgotten
We will come for you when the time's ripe
Bring you back home to Planet Earth

And then we'll wake you up again
So you and Ginny can drive down Time's Square
And we'll finally give you that laser beam
But good-bye for now, Percy and Ginny
Until we meet again in the future
Your sacrifices will not have been in vain
This is Mission Control, Earth, Signing Off...

03. Epitaph

We'll wait for you /// I hope you'll be here soon

No, this ain't right, at all
I am slowly fading out
And my sight's gone bleary
But I don't feel like sleeping
I wish I could, keep driving on
Beyond the far-away horizon
Oh, I'm so sorry, Ginny
You were never meant to be alone
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