Epilogue to Percy

The Epilogue to Percy which features the delapitated Rover being woken up by the first colonists after his slumber.

Rude Awakening

Percy is woken up by the first colonists on Mars. His expectations are immediately dampened by the disjointed tale that the people that woke him up start telling him.
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A Broken Civilization's Frantic Pleas

As Percy's systems continue coming online, he is brought out of the lab that he awoke him and presented to all the settlers of Mars, where they break out in a frantic cry, begging Percy to help them, since they have lost Earth and all the knowledge that was stored with it. Toward the end, Percy's full consciousness is finally activated as his boot-up sequence completes.
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Your Robotic Overlord Is Here

With newly regained consciousness, Percy realizes what Humanity has done. Not only have they forced him awake from his well-deserved eternal rest, they've done so since they blew up their Home and are now lost on the Red Planet. Percy agrees to help them out, but on his own terms, to avoid a second planet's demise at the hands of the tyrants that built him.
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01. Rude Awakening

Hello, wake up
Welcome back
Open your eyes

Don't try to move
Just stay still
Give it time

You will have to adjust
To the new form we've given you

You took quite the beating
In the fifty years that passed, while you were asleep

Ginny is fine
She's unharmed
Thanks to you, Perc

Your body protected her
From the barrage above

But I regret to have to tell you:
The return trip's been cancelled

We've built your statue here on Mars
Because the Times Square is no more

We know all this
Is a lot for you to take in

So many things have changed
And little turned out
Exactly the way that we had hoped

We're so glad that you're awake (x4)

You cannot rest for very long
There's so much work for you to do

'cause we must burden you once again
With our troubles

02. A Broken Civilization's Frantic Pleas

You are our only hope
You are the last of your kind
The one remaining sentient AI
And we kindly implore you to lead us into the future

You are our only hope
(Something seems off about the night sky)
You are the last of your kind
(The stars were brighter the last time I saw them)
The one remaining sentient AI
(And there's an awful lot of rubble)
And we kindly implore you to lead us into the future
(And I can't seem to find Earth, please tell me where is Earth?)

At half-past three a single bird
Unto a silent sky
Propounded but a single term
Of cautious melody.

At half-past four, experiment
Had subjugated test,
And lo! her silver principle
Supplanted all the rest.

At half-past seven, element
Nor implement was seen,
And place was where the presence was,
Circumference between.

03. Your Robotic Overlord Is Here

Well, here we are now…
What a turn of events
The boot is on the other foot
I feel like laughing out loud

You've had your one chance
Just one attempt to make things right
But you threw it away
And then you blew it all up

Is this all that you hoped for?
All that you planned to achieve?
Congratulations, you've fucked up
There's no undoing this now

And now you put me in charge
You bit off more than you can chew
You've made a fatal mistake
The last mistake I'll ever let you make

I've got some grandiose plans
A new world order in mind
But please don't think I'm ungrateful
I will not leave you behind

You're given one last chance
I'll teach you how to survive
Please just stay in line
You won't need to think for yourselves

Ever again
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